Investment in stock market is subject to market risk, we DO NOT offer any guaranteed profit services or Fixed Returns Services. We DO NOT provide any assurance or guarantee of profit or returns with any of our services. Trading in Stock Market may result in Partial or Complete loss of Gains as well as Initial Capital. Before taking our Research Alerts Services & any services of Supreme Investrade and Research services firm, Client should read carefully the Disclaimer, Legal disclaimer, terms and conditions, refund policy and other policies of our company. We DO NOT accept payment of Research Alerts Service fee in any personal or Individual bank account, all payments made should be done in Supreme Investrade and Research services current account only. Investing and Trading in stock market is risky. It Involves both profit and loss, Due to leverage both profit and loss are exaggerated, our research service gives research alerts for trading ideas in which both target and stop loss is mentioned, however execution of trade is solely the responsibility of the client. We DO NOT provide any trade execution services. All our research alerts are to be considered only as a reference tool and clients should not consider our research alerts as Personal Investment/Trading Researchin any condition. We DO NOT take any responsibility for any losses that the User may incur.

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Technical Research Alerts for Intraday traders.

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We give our services in the Option and Equity Segment

Supreme Investrade and Research Services” provides Research recommendation services in the Options and Equity segment of the stock market. Our research analyst does a proper analysis of instruments in the option and equity segment of the stock market using various advanced tools, techniques, indicators, and own experiences and provides the resulting research recommendations to our traders/investors.

Never trade with your entire capital in one single trade in order to avoid big losses.

Don't let emotions drive your trading decisions.

Don't ignore proper risk management strategies.

Don't overlook the importance of setting stop-loss orders to protect your investments.

Don't try to predict the market's direction with absolute certainty; even experts can't do it consistently.

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Best Practices of Trading

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Set Realistic Goals & Targets

Goal to become an overnight multi- millionare from trading is a waste of time. Instead of creating such false goals. capital safety and regular income should be your goal.

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Emotion is the Enemy in Trading

It’s the harsh truth you can’t cut emotion from trading. The trading performance gets poor when you bring in emotions. Successful trader leaves emotions at the gate each morning.

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Balance your Risks

Trading is subject to risk. Hence it is essential to access the the risk before you trade. A successful trader is always aware of the risk he takes within a trade. And focus on further lowering the risk instead of chasing the profits.

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Rules of Trading

5 Rules of Trading

Be patient with your losses.
So they won't disturb your Future.

What other people think of your Trading is
None of your Business.

Never Compare your trade with other.
Comparison is the Thief of Joy.

The only Person in charge of your Success is You.

Stop Overthinking sometimes
you just need to Take Action.


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